Episode 24 ~ Everything is Dark Souls

With the Nintendo Switch looming on the horizon, a strange new outlook overtakes Geronimo, Joshua, Corbin, and Luke- one of disappointment and decay. Don’t even listen to this. It doesn’t matter that they talk about Mass Effect. It doesn’t matter that they talk about the Batman movie’s directorial woes. It’s the worst content ever. Just don’t waste your time.

Episode 23 ~ Yoda is Weak to Rocks

In this episode, the Samurai Jack trailer cures all illnesses, Joshua is placed under intense government surveillance while facing charges of Gameboy Advance ROM downloading, and some strangers inspired by the dour case cram a Bible into a top-loader NES and show off their creation to the world, dubbing it the “Retroblox.”

Episode 21 ~ New Zelda, Old Reasons to Dread Everything

In the wake of the death of Christmas, Geronimo, Corbin, and Joshua discuss the Nintendo Switch, Saving Private Jar Jar, and the affair that destroyed Donkey Kong’s life. Joshua is temporarily warped into subspace, where he learns that sometimes things are okay and not completely terrible.

Episode 18 ~ Do Androids Dream of Tofu Lamb?

Jason and Joshua become a horrific amalgamate machination that speaks through a Captain D's drive-thru microphone as a result of their tampering with alchemy, Blake talks about Overwatch, and little Blake is pleased with his anime recommendations. Geronimo fights to distinguish himself from the PLEBS

Episode 16 ~ Dat Chassis' Twisted Knickers

Geronimo, Jason, Joshua, and Nick spend time talking about Fallout 4, Battlefront, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. But as is the Scattered Afterthoughts way, the quartet spend most of the time debating the purpose of Taco Bell and exploring romance in video games. Of course, the crew wouldn't dream of losing a chance to talk about chassis, or knickers for that matter. So sit back, relax, and try to keep up.