Episode 40 ~ Three Hundred Middle-Aged Men

Corbin learns what a “live-action Mulan” is and holds back tears while explaining his perception of Pewdiepie’s fan base. Geronimo tries to rationalize his way through the situation while Joshua obsessively explains the problems behind Yandere Simulator.

Music by Joshua.

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Episode 37 ~ Corbin’s Virginity

Despite the recent declassification of information regarding UFO’s and the like, Corbin and Geronimo remain blissfully unaware of the menace known as Krevin (a space ape)- Corbin is too preoccupied with reverting his body back to its former state of unhindered purity to be concerned. Joshua was found dead of gunshot wounds in his car on the night of May 5, 2020.

Music by Joshua.

Episode 36 ~ Where are They Now?

Oh, god, we’re not dead. Geronimo has lost his life, because he gives himself to Persona 5, but he’s not technically dead. Corbin is pleasant and consistently creative in times of stress and decay. He has a cute laugh. Joshua has gone through a whole-ass story arc and has a scar and eye-patch now, with longer hair to match. Breathe.

Music by Joshua.

Episode 35 ~ Give Thanks to the Meme Truck – Thanksgiving Special!!!

Joshua, Geronimo, and Corbin get real thankful and discuss and make fun of people online with much larger followings than them. Corbin defeats his cycle of isolation. A mouse wheel is broken.

Music by Joshua . . . and Corbin.

Episode 34 ~ Please Pretend It’s Last Week

Corbin suffers from nightmares of social cancellation. Sonic the Hedgehog hates the police. Sonic the Hedgehog hates the police. Sonic the Hedgehog hates the police. Sonic the Hedgehog hates the police. Sonic the Hedgehog hates the police. Sonic th

Music by Joshua.

Episode 33 ~ Halloween Special 2019

On a spooky edition of Scattered Afterthoughts, Corbin, Geronimo, and Joshua curate the worst creepypasta in the world. All’s well until Squidward commits suicide . . . again, Mario gets haunted, and placentas rupture. It’s the Scattered Afterthoughts Halloween spooktacular.

Music by Joshua

Episode 32 ~ We Want YOU to Be a Part of BROCKHAMPTON

Geronimo resigns himself to his anime game corner to avoid the bad energy emanating from Joshua’s many ongoing personal crises, all of which he copes with through his remarkable JUICE WRLD impression. Wanting to get in on the rap game as well, Corbin gets his ear pierced, being contacted soon after by his heroes in BROCKHAMPTON.

Music by Joshua.

Episode 31 ~ Luke Skywalker is a Stand User

Joshua tries to make a funny observation, but the conversation devolves into Corbin grasping at straws to cash in on a bloated anime meme, then sits in the corner as Joshua and Geronimo ponder aimlessly over new Fire Emblem mechanics and fiction’s fixation with cousin-based incest.

Music by Joshua.